Welcome and thanks for stopping by. BWC prides itself with its fast, responsive service and support team. It is our dedication to quality to provide our customers with the best possible services and resources. After all without happy customers their is no company, it would not be possible for us to survive. We make sure everything on our servers is in order to maintain optimal realiability of our network. Our resources are available through our own dedicated internet connections. We do not have our servers co-located somewhere and we are not resellers (however many moons ago we did start that way) we operate and own our network operations center, and primary datacenter. Our network operations center is housed in our main office in Cleveland, OH. We also operate data facilities in two geographical locations currently, with plans for the future for additional locations. Our main datacenter is in Cleveland, OH while we also share the facilities of a several datacenters in Dallas, TX. Rest assured even at our Dallas facilities your data is quite secure. From surveillance to biometrics all locations we operate from have been setup in a very security conscience manner. In addition uptime is a major concern for all potential and current customers. All locations have redundance power sources, sophisticated battery backup, onsite diesel backup generators, powerful environmental controls, and state of the art fire preventions and suppression systems.

As we cater to the global marketplace we have customers around the world. Even our international customers find access the times to our network rival many companies in their own backyard. Even so as part of our long term business plan we intend to open facilities abroad in the future.

We have been in operation serving people like you since 1998, and our former parent company began in 1996. It is our hope that you will choose BWC as your preferred full service internet solutions company. We can get you started from ground up if necessary from everything to registering a domain for you, to consulting you in finding the resources necessary to accomplishing the task you are pursuing. We'll then help you design and then implement that process into a powerful online presence, you may also design your own site and simply use our powerful network to run your organization's site.

BWC is now a part of the WindSail Enterprises, Corp. Family and will be updating this page again soon.

Give us a try you'll be glad you did, and we thank-you for your time!

The BWC Operations Staff

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We have new contact numbers for our customers in the UK. No need for an international calls to contact us anymore.

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BWC is a part of the WindSail Enterprises, Corp. Family.
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